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Howard E. Lambert, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Lambert has had more than fifty years of experience in system safety, reliability analysis, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), safeguards and security analysis. He has conducted chemical process safety and availability studies.  He worked eight years on a fault tree analysis (FTA) study of the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) at the Savannah River Site (SRS), addressing fire and explosion hazards.  He is author of the fault tree computer code IMPORTANCE that has been used by several organizations worldwide for conducting major process hazards reviews.

Boeing Aerospace Company ranked IMPORTANCE number one in fitting the needs of the U. S. Air Force.  Dr. Lambert has conducted numerous safety, security and safeguards analyses of nuclear power plants and facilities in the nuclear fuel cycle.  He was fault tree analyst for the U.S. NRC Reactor Safety Study.  He has conducted numerous peer reviews of nuclear power plant PRAs.  He was facility lead for the Wet Handling Facility (WHF) preclosure safety analysis.

He has published several technical articles in system safety, reliability and security analysis, including “Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis” with Prof. Richard Barlow.  Dr. Lambert has taught numerous training courses in reliability, safety engineering and probabilistic risk assessment .  He is a registered professional engineer in the State of California in the areas of nuclear engineering and safety engineering.  Dr. Lambert has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Nuclear Engineering, ME in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida, BE in Chemical Engineering and an BS in Mathematics from Youngstown State University.

National Ignition Facility — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
National Ignition Facility–Laser Bay– Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Savanah River Site South Carolina

University of California Berkeley

  • Dr. Lambert has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Nuclear Engineering
  • Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship Award, the University of California, Berkeley
  • R. J. Budnitz, H. E. Lambert, An Evaluation of the Reliability and Usefulness of External-Initiator PRA Methodologies, Future Resources Associates, Berkeley, Prepared for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Rept. NUREG/CR-5477, January, 1990.
  • Taught courses on probabilistic risk assessment, system safety and fault tree analysis.

University of Florida

  • M.E. Nuclear Engineering, University of Florida
  • Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship Award, University of Florida

Youngstown state University

  • B.E. Chemical Engineering, Youngstown State University
  • B.S. Mathematics, Youngstown State University
  • Paul C. Luginbill Award for Chemical Engineers, Youngstown State University

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